About Tríptico: A Consultancy

All started as a Strategic Consultancy with Small Business in Mind

We aren’t just a consulting firm we are a Consultancy, the sweet spot among an agency and a consulting firm. Here you will receive advice and implementation. Tríptico is focused on planning strategies and tactics for new as an existing business with the idea of growth or expansion to new markets, based on Marketing, Communications and Business Development. Our goal is to fulfill the client’s expectations.

The idea born because of the need for support in those areas in some of the new entrepreneurs and established small business that finds harder to grow or to start a business. We will give them the tools, the advice, and the guide to succeed.

Is to bring the state-of-art tools and methods to modernize and transform small business and startups, being a guide in the marketing, communications, and business development areas.

Our Mission Statement

Our Value Proposition

We will work as your Marketing Strategic Partner to your brand and business overall.

Know More About the Founder:

Johnathan Martínez Díaz is a Marketing, Communications, and Business Development Professional based in Puerto Rico but open to work with the rest of the world. He graduated with a Master of Arts in Advertising from Sacred Heart University in 2017, but have also a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Media Production with a specialization in Radio production. He was one of the Co-founders of the most important and relevant Branding Agency Mamposteao in 2013.

He has worked in many agencies and media companies but he desire was create a company where the people that want to create a startup receives support and guidelines with most critical assets to generate customers: Business Development, Marketing and Communications, and that’s how Tríptico born.

I want to meet you and talk about your business and how I can Triptico could be your perfect fit to manage your digital presence, brand, content and integrated communications.