Our Methodology is based on the “agile management principles” but modified for our client convenience. We part the management process in three phases, from analysis thru the implementation to maximize time, and validate tactics and other actions.

The phases are: Analysis, Strategy & Ideation and the last one is the execution or implementation. This process is an iterative one, that means that’s repetitive. this way helps us to understand the effectiveness of the tactics and if we would whether proceed or pivot in relation with that tactics.


We believe in the need of know in depth what we would do for your brand, but first let’s take a look of your analytics.


Voila! Let’s get fun preparing and conceptualizing strategies that fit for your brand. This role is so important that if doesn’t exist what we would do?


Is the moment to make the management: monitoring, coordinating, validating and pivoting the strategy. If we just give you a paper with some recommendations, would just be a dream