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Google Ads is today the principal revenue method of Google/Alphabet. 3.5 billion people search in Google per day. The platform lets access to the unlimited (or almost unlimited) pages of a lot of websites. Indisputably, Google is the most search engine uses in the world. Accordingly with Statcounter Google has a 92% of the search engine market share worldwide, at the top of Bing that has 2.69%.

That insight makes Google one of the most important mediums to invest in and be considered in a paid media strategy. First of all, you have to check some aspects as your audience and market.

One of the ways to maximize the Google Search Platform for your business is through the advertising platform Google Ads. With this platform, you have many options to promote and marketing your business that can fit perfectly with the objective that you desire or looking for.

When you start using Google Ads, it would appear what mode of the campaign you prefer. You can select from two: Smart or Expert Mode, the first option is for a step-by-step, quick, and friendly guide if you don’t have expertise using the platform. On the other hand, you have the expert mode where you have to be specific in selecting your keywords, audience, type of campaign, and objective among others strategics components.

The most important part of making the campaign is the first step, selecting the objective of it. Google Ads has 8 options:


This option increases your sales if you have a store online. With this objective, you can track your customer journey and their behavior within the website. You can check what is the product page most visited among other actions that can help you to convert a sale. For more accurate insights you have to get a tracking code on your website.

Potential Clients

Sometimes you need people that are interested in your product or service to get a push through a demonstration or a discovery call. This option is better for that goal. With this alternative, the client or lead wants more information to make a decision.

Web Traffic

If you have a medium, a blog, or a fundraising page and you want to attract traffic to generate buzz, this is the kind of goal to focus your campaign. With the web traffic aim, you would generate visits to your site

Brand and Product Consideration

This goal is fine when you need the audience to explore your product or service and, in the future consideration to buy it. Great for when you are starting a service or product.

Brand Recognition and Reach

For this aim you just want that the people don’t forget your brand and keep in the mind of the consumer. The conversion would be in a long-term period instead a short one.

App Promotion

If you are a developer and have a new app and want to get more downloads this aim is for you.

Local Store Visits

This is a hybrid option for local business as restaurants, car dealers or boutiques. They promote the store on search engine and the list of the alternatives that the user is searching for appears

What is the better option for you? What are you searching for? Have your doubts about how to start your paid media campaign with Google? Google is a great platform to get your business at the top of the search. We can help you to figure out what is the best alternative for you.

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