Why Get a Marketing Consultancy?

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First thing firsts. A consulting firm is similar to a consultancy, in the last case the consultant gives you advice and implements what he or she proposed to you. Also is a Portementu between Consulting and Agency. Let’s go then! 

When you start a business or want to grow an existing one you will seek a lot of things or professionals that help you to achieve stuff that you don’t know clearly or don’t know how works, here a consultant enters the game. For example, if you need to do taxes the best way is paying an accountant or if you need a permit you hire a urban planner or if it is a legal issue you will pay for a lawyer. 

Therefore the same should happen when you do marketing, advertising, branding or  communications. You have to get the input of a professional in media buying, design, or strategic planning that supports your plan. But also that professional has to recommend your assets accordingly to get measurable results.Yes, a marketing agency could do that too, but with a consultant you would have a person directly suggesting what is the best way to achieve your goals. 

One myth when a business owner is reluctant to invest in marketing or communications is the highest cost. With the advent of the internet the cost of advertising and marketing efforts are relatively lower than years ago. In addition, the efforts on the internet are measurable and an owner can discover how their customer behaves and understand the reason for their behavior. 

Having said that, why have you as a business owner hire a consultant? Let’s explain it: 

  1. The cost of hiring a consultant versus an employee or an agency is relatively low. That means saving time and money. 
  1. They have the expertise. A consultant through his or her knowledge knows better how to get and experiment to achieve results. 
  1. A consultant has dedicated time. They would focus on your project and recommend you the best alternatives because this is another point. The consultant would suggest a different alternative related to the goals that you are looking for instead to give you a straight plan. 
  1. Objectivity. The consultant would tell you their point of view. 
  1. Bring fresh trends. Working with a consultant will bring you with new and fresh insights and trends of the market and industry as long as it is part of your plan. 
  1. Bring support and guidance. Probably business owners starting or growing their adventure have a limited time to elaborate marketing or advertising strategies because there are other stuff that are so important such as finances or budgeting. Here a consultancy or a consultant become a big deal supporting that business owner to delineate their marketing strategies
  1. The Consultancy is focused on the implementation and its performance further the strategy. A consultancy don’t just give you the strategy, also they bring you a way to implement that strategy and 

These are some of the reasons that you could invest in a consultancy for your business owner. Also if you are looking for one, we are ready to know you and talk about it:


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